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According to latest demographic studies by collegiate recovery program (CRP) researchers, the collegiate recovery population is dominated by white males. Additionally, collegiate recovery, as a whole, implies the wherewithal to enter into and achieve college success, despite the setbacks and academic disruptions that are often a part of addiction. When we add the phenomena of

In recovery, we mark milestones and acknowledge personal growth in steps that come - if we stay on the path of personal progress - at comforting intervals, after predetermined, color-coded periods of time or in a succession of steps that, with self-reflection and hard work, move us along the same journey taken by those who

Rigorous and relentless honesty. That’s what it would take for me to maintain the delicate balance of postoperative pain management and long term substance use recovery. As I am sure most people can imagine, having to undergo surgery can present unique sobriety challenges for those of us in short or long-term recovery. It doesn’t matter if the

I get very leery when I see Newt Gingrich and Patrick Kennedy sitting on a stage agreeing on issues.  This morning I watched an interview where they both were discussing the importance of opiate reform in the United States, on Fox News.  A few years ago, you would have never seen this issue on that

I was that guy. The guy who upon hearing someone had a reoccurrence of use, said "they'll be back when they really want it." Let's be honest. There is a pathway to recovery that's touted as the solution for addiction. Because of their long-standing history and profile in the public, 12-step mutual aid fellowships are often the gold-standard in

On this post-election day I’ve come to some painful realizations. Substance use and mental health concerns have finally started receiving national attention. The public has begun to see how it touches their lives. Our officials, both those elected and appointed, are in most cases, at least talking about different strategies to tackle the problem. Leaders talked about

I'm beginning this blog in an attempt to assist and address policy makers, those in recovery, and the general public at large about the epidemic that is going on in this country within our criminal justice system.  I am going to be working on a series of articles with the Legal Community to address policy